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Around 1999, I was on the look-out for a tiny Jack Russell terrier pup.


I had the exact image of what I was wanting:

  • White body

  • Red head, with white blaze from nape to nose

  • No more than 10" at the shoulder when fully grown, but preferably 8" maximum.

This proved very hard, but I knew they existed as I had seen a dog of this description in 1994, with a black bitch of the same size (and she was heavily pregnant).


I had my heart set on a tiny Jack, but then a good friend, Paul "Worzel" Raistrick, a true terrier man (who sadly passed away in January 2001), told me of his friend's Border Lakeland pups. So I went to see the 5 month old pups. He had 2 bitches left, 1 was black & the other was tan.


I fell for the black one, but my wife preferred the tan.


A bit of gentle persuasion, and I bought the black bitch and named her Ginny.

Ginny (13" at shoulder)

At 6 months old, I took her on her 1st hunting trip on a local farm that lets me hunt the rabbits.


As usual, the farm's 2 Border Collies came noisily to meet me, but Ginny was having none of it, and saw them both off with their tails between their legs.


I worked the top part of the land, well away from the farmhouse, and she happily followed the rabbit runs under the Gorse, Brushwood, Heather & Brambles.


We didn't catch any rabbits, but I was pleased with how she worked the land.


A couple of weeks later I took her out again, I went to Malham, North Yorkshire, with a couple of friends George, Dennis & Rammy.

  • George took his .177 Theoben Sirocco 2000, 2 ferrets & his purse nets.

  • Dennis took a ferret.

  • Rammy took Doc his lurcher, 2 ferrets & purse nets.

  • I took Ginny, my .22 BSA Mercury S, 3 ferrets & my purse nets.

As we worked the land with the ferrets, Ginny was watching the pile of rabbits build up, and guarding them from Doc, George, Rammy & Dennis. Every time they came near, she would snarl at them, or chase Doc away.


One rabbit bolted from an un-netted hole, and Ginny set off after it. Doc spotted her in chase, and set off in pursuit, soon over-taking her & snatching the rabbit. So Ginny chased him back, and then went back to guarding the pile of caught rabbits.


Dennis & Rammy went in one direction, and George & I went another. After about an hour of ferreting, with Ginny being a shadow (she walked in every footprint I made, and even followed me over a 6' wall as if it was a 2' staircase), we met back up & set off home with our large catch of rabbits.


That was Ginny's 1st expedition, and at 11 month old, she was entered to rat. Ginny has a real fire in her belly, and wants to kill anything that moves, regardless of its size.


In August 2001, a friend's terrier bitch had a litter of 5 pups, she had been mated to Ginny's Uncle. I went to see the pups, and I chose a dog when they were 5 week old.

Tak 13.5" @ shoulder

I brought him home at 8 week old & I named him Tak, at 10 weeks old I took him on his 1st hunting trip to the local plantation.


I shot a grey squirrel with the air rifle, and presented it to Tak, who licked it and sniffed it for nearly 10 minutes. I made it move with my foot, and he pounced on it as if it were going to escape. After a game of toss & fetch, with the distance gradually increasing. Tak carried the squirrel readily.


Tak has developed a keen nose for squirrel, and will find any squirrel droppings in the plantation and roll in it with excitement. When a squirrel is shot in the trees, he runs for it as soon as it hits the floor. He has proved himself as a bushing dog, being self-taught by searching the Brambles & ferns for squirrels.


I eagerly await the day he will catch a squirrel himself, without me having to shoot it first.


In late Summer 2002, I bred Tak & Ginny, and got a litter of 6, all with homes waiting before they reached 5 week old. And in Autumn 2002, I had Tak castrated.


Ginny readily works rat, but Tak hasn't met one yet, I am currently looking for permission where I can work Ginny, and enter Tak to rat. Once he sees Ginny in killing mode, with rats running for their lives, I hope it will kick in with him too. I don't see why it shouldn't.


On 28th December 2004, I decided to resume my search for a tiny Jack Russell bitch pup, we visited our local pet store, there were 2 litters advertising.

I took the contact details, and gave them a ring.

The 1st got a reply of "Sorry, they're all gone!"

The 2nd was a discontinued number.


At home, I decided to search the Internet.

Straight away I found breeders with pups on, so I narrowed my search, and found a litter about 6 miles away.

In the morning, I was straight on the phone, there were 2 bitches (ready to go on 6th January 2005)

An hour later, I was viewing the pups (1 dog & 2 bitches), I spotted the bitch I wanted straight away. But checked the other 2 first.

Then I had a look at the parents, the Dam was a tiny Jack, about 8" at the shoulder, the Sire was a little bigger, around 10.5"


The pups were advertised at 100, and I readily left a deposit for my pup, and waited in anticipation for the 6th January.

Midge (aged 5wks) Midge (aged 5wks)

The 6th January finally arrived, I double checked the advert online.

The price had increased to 130 :(

I went to collect my pup. I'd already chosen a name for her: "Midge"

The bloke said the pups were 130, but the male was going for 150.

Even though I had seen the advert stating 100, I didn't argue and paid the 130.


Within 2 days, I had Midge virtually paper-trained, and within 1 week, she has learnt her name, "SIT!", "FETCH!" & "RAG IT!"


When Midge was 13 weeks old, I took her on her 1st outing to the local plantation in search of squirrel & pigeon.


At 5.5" at the shoulder she followed me over fallen logs, through Bramble stems, and over tiny streams. She only struggled at 1 log, but soon found a way over it.


I was stood by a tree, trying to pin-point the Woodpigeons' locations, when 1 noisily landed in the tree in front of me.

I slowly raised the rifle, took my shot, and the Woodie fluttered to the ground.


Midge ran towards it growling & yapping, but kept her distance.

After a few words of encouragement, she began to worry the dead pigeon, and started to pluck its chest.


In November 2005, my wife bought my Christmas present, a small Jack Russell dog from a local terrier man.


She'd secretly been visiting the litter while I was at work, and took me to see him when he was 5 weeks old, and Digger came home just before Christmas when he was 7 weeks old.


He settled in very well, but being a male terrier, he became boisterous and headstrong as he neared 1 yr old.

This is one of the reasons why you see a lot of adverts for young terriers looking for a new home, it's like they are 110% energy, and it can be too much for some people to cope with.

Digger (aged 7wks) Digger (aged 7wks) Digger (aged 7wks)

Midge + Digger

Midge & Digger's litter

born 1 Dec 06

pup 1 (dog) pup 2 (bitch) pup 3 (dog)

pup 4 (dog) pup 5 (dog) litter of 4 dogs + 1 bitch


born 1 Dec 06


Paj Paj